Methods and conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship and passport 2022

Turkish citizenship can be granted to a person under the conditions set by law, and may even be revoked for reasons (in case of unqualifications). According to the new rules of the Turkish Cabinet dated 19-09-2018, the conditions for foreign nationals who can directly obtain Turkish citizenship have become very easy. If you receive short-term residence in Turkey, you will in fact live as a foreigner and have limited rights and benefits compared to other citizens of that country, and your residence is temporary and if the laws of that country change, your residence may be affected accordingly, for example, Turkey passed a law in 2020 not to extend tourist stays by renting property. However, if you acquire Turkish citizenship, you are a person of Turkish nationality, and like other people in that country, you will enjoy all the rights and benefits, for example, the right to free education, free medical insurance, opening an account in different banks, work permit, permanent residence and etc. Turkey is subject to the law of blood for the granting of citizenship. This means that the birth of your child in Turkey has no special privileges, and in order to receive citizenship, at least one parent must be a Turkish citizen in order for the child to be granted citizenship. Turkish passport is one of the top 30 passports in the world. Citizens of Turkey can travel to 72 countries without a visa, and in 42 countries Turkish passport holders can obtain a visa at the airport of the destination.

General conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship

1.According to the law, the applicant must be an adult (the main applicant).
2.Not having a dangerous disease that threatens public health
3.Not be a threat to national security and public order
4.Having sufficient financial conditions

Methods of obtaining a Turkish passport

1.Buy a house for any amount (even less than $ 250,000) and stay in Turkey without interruption for 5 consecutive years
2.Buy a property for more than 250 thousand dollars
3.Investing in a bank
4.Through obtaining a work permit
5.By registering a company and employing 50 Turkish citizens
6.By marrying a Turkish citizen
  1. Buy a house for any amount (even less than $ 250,000) and stay in Turkey without interruption for 5 years

You can get Turkish passport by buying a house in Turkey, for any amount (even less than $ 250,000), getting your initial short-term residence and extending your short-term residence every year for 5 consecutive years by means of your title deed (residence type “Taşınmaz”) – Provided that you do not be outside Turkey for more than 180 days for a total of 5 years – and then you will be able to apply for Turkish citizenship after 5 years.
  1. Buy a property more than 250 thousand dollars

One of the most common and fastest ways to get a Turkish passport is to buy a property worth at least $ 250,000 (previously it was $ 1 million but has changed since 2018). After purchasing the property, the buyer will receive his passport and also for his spouse and children under 18 within a period of 3 to 4 months. Another benefit of citizenship this way is the ability to rent out your property (or properties), and sometimes even in Dollar or Euro, which provides a monthly income for you. Of course, keep in mind that by buying any type of property, you will not be able to obtain Turkish citizenship, because, for example, with a partnered property deed (“Hisseley”), not only Turkish passport but also short-term residence permit in Turkey will not be granted to you. In addition, if you buy vacant land in which a project has not been implemented before, you will be committed to define and complete a project based on land use definition (agricultural – residential – commercial) within 2 years in accordance with the regulations of the district municipality.

If you want to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property, you must meet the following conditions:

1.The value of the property or the properties purchased in total must be at least US $ 250,000 and the actual value of the property must be certified by government experts and recorded in the property deed. 2.The total amount of the property purchase must be transferred to the seller’s account through the banking system. 3.Previous owners of the house up to the previous three hands should not be foreigners. 4.You do not have the right to sell the purchased property for 3 years to obtain citizenship. 5.There is no need to buy residential property and you can also buy commercial, agricultural and other properties.

3.Make a deposit in long term Investing bank account

According to the new law of Turkey, if you invest $ 500,000 or its equivalent in the banks of this country for 3 years, you will be granted a Turkish passport. This amount can be in Dollars, Lira, Euros, and other major currencies but note that if you deposit the above amount only in lira, your bank interest will be accrued during these 3 years.

4.Through obtaining a work permit

By obtaining a work permit in Turkey and 5 years of continuous employment, you can apply for a Turkish passport and Turkish citizenship. This is one of the most difficult ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, as the employer must process your employment legally and pay for your insurance every month. And it is usually not easy to find such an employer. Of course, you can register your company in Turkey and obtain a work permit (“Çalışma İzni”) by observing the rules (hiring at least 5 Turkish employees and paying their insurance premiums) and after 5 years you will become a citizen of Turkey.

5.By registering a company

If you have a special business or want to start a new business, by this way you can get Turkish citizenship. Of course, with the very important condition, that you must employ 50 Turkish employees and pay their insurance premiums.

6.By marrying a Turkish citizen

Marrying a Turkish citizen can also bring you a Turkish passport. Of course, at least 3 years must have passed since the marriage, and the most important thing is that this marriage must be real. Otherwise, it can even lead to imprisonment for both parties. After marriage and registration, the Turkish Population and Citizenship Office conducts an investigation into this. And another condition is that the Turkish citizen does not have a bad record in the Turkish security service.

Documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship (investor, spouse and children under 18)

  1. Original and translation of the passport of all family members with the approval of the Turkish Notary Office or from the Consulate
  2. Translation of members’ ID cards with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then the Turkish Consulate
  3. The original marriage certificate of the investor and his wife with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then the Turkish Consulate
  4. Family registration records and their translation with the approval of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Consulate showing all family members and relatives
  5. Original and copy of short-term residence permit card of persons (“Kimlik” card ( if any))
  6. Four pieces of biometric photos for each person
  7. Documents that show the income status of the investor
  8. A contract with a lawyer to complete the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship
  9. Receipt of payment of all required expenses.
  10. New name and surname (if people wish, they can choose a new name and surname for themselves)